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Edd China
Meet a man who has made his own special way in the world, using his obvious talents to best effect. On one hand, he’s...
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Dominic Johnson-Hill
He’s one of the most famous British men in China, but no one in Britain has ever heard of him. That’s because Dominic...
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Peter York
To Chinese people living in country transforming itself at dizzying speed, the pace that Britain has changed over the...

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Windsor Castle
Dennis Gilbert Drive through the beautiful Berkshire countryside near Windsor at Easter and you’ll see the Union...
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The Globe Theatre
Although the West End is London’s favourite theatre-going area – with dozens of plays and musicals entertaining l...
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Big Ben
Apart from red, double-decker buses, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and the pigeons of...

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Fleetwood Mac
There are few bands which define a time and a place, but Fleetwood Mac managed this when they released Rumours on...
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David Bowie
David Bowie is dead. After sixty nine years and many changes of style, the great man – nicknamed ‘The Thin White ...
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Professor Elemental
In the luxury of his opulent Brighton office, Professor Elemental is reclining on a sumptuously upholstered Edwardian...
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